Remotely transferring images from the Pi

By Chris Lucani -

Instead of transferring captured images from the Pi using a USB stick it’s far more efficient to remotely transfer them over a network connection. First, make sure your Pi and the computer you want to transfer the files to (the local computer) are connected to the same network. Most mobile phones have a ‘Mobile Hotspot’…

Uninterrupted power supply for the RaspberryPi setup using a battery and power converter

Uninterrupted power supply for the RaspberryPi setup using a battery and power converter

By Markus Nolf -

As part of an Australia-wide research project, we frequently take our optical setup to remote field stations where continuous power supply isn’t always guaranteed. To cope with the occasional power outage, we are now powering our RaspberryPis through a 12V battery block using an UBEC switching power converter. The battery itself is trickle-charged from a…


Sample selection and preparation

By Chris Lucani -

The optical method, as the name suggests, is a technique that relies heavily on optics to identify the visible changes that accompany drought stress in plants. These changes occur because light interacts differently with xylem that is water-filled vs air-filled, resulting in a subtle change in brightness that can be captured using a camera or…


Creating animated GIFs using ImageJ

By Chris Lucani -

There are a number of ways of creating animated GIFs for upload to the OpenSourceOV gallery. Aside from online tools such as there are also desktop applications like GIF Toaster for mac or GIF Maker for windows, as well as Adobe Photoshop, but the easiest way is to use ImageJ which you’ll already have installed for processing…


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Eucryphia lucida leaf 2
Captured by Jen Peters from Western Sydney University visiting the Brodribb Lab in Hobart.