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Supplier More information Ships Internationally US-based Yes US-based Yes Australia-based No Worldwide Depends on seller UK-based Yes UK-based Yes UK-based Yes

3D Printing

Supplier More information Ships Internationally Based in New Zealand No - only Australia and New Zealand US-based Yes US-based Yes US-based Yes



Resource Description From the creators of the Raspberry Pi, lots of information and links to various resources, communities, D etc. Homepage for the Arduino micro-controller with lots of learning resources and information. Sparkfun are an online electronics supplier but they also provide excellent tutorials on all things electronics from the basics (circuits, soldering etc) up to robot building. Another electronics supplier that provide excellent tutorials on a range of electronics topics. And another

3D printing

Resource Description Tinkercad is a wonderfully simply and easy to use online CAD editor that you can use to create 3D models for printing. They have a stack of short tutorials that help you to quickly get up to speed using their webware. Tinkercad was created by a company called Autodesk who also provide excellent desktop CAD software. There's much more of a learning curve here than tinkercad so if you're new to 3D modelling stick with Tinkercad. SketchUp is another good CAD program, but again there's quite a learning curve you've got to get through before diving into anything too complex.

Plant Physiology

Resource Description Great online resource for protocols in measuring a range of plant ecophysiology


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Sample selection and preparation

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Acacia dealbata
Stem xylem conduits embolising in Acacia dealbata. Comparison of original, difference and processed stacks. Captured using the new hand-lens clamp.