OpenSourceOV is an Open Source initiative that encourages community involvement through open collaboration to help improve and develop the guides, instructions, hardware, and scripts you’ll find on the site.

Measuring the impact of drought on plants using the optical technique is still in its infancy and there are exciting opportunities to improve every stage of the procedure. See the todo list for current todos and inspiration.

If you want to contribute but don’t know anything about electronics, 3D printing, programming, or Raspberry Pies, then building a clamp is an excellent way to learn, and there are a wealth of online resources and communities for help and support. If you don’t want to get involved in the hardware or software you can still contribute by improving the instructions, guides and other written content.

All content is hosted/published on OpenSource platforms that provide easy access to view or download content while also providing the necessary facilities for collaborative development. Anyone can submit changes or add new content but an account on the relevant platform is required (which is free).

All written content (including code) and 3D-printable files are maintained on Github and can be accessed via the various links throughout this site or directly from the organisation page.

The 3D models used to generate the 3D-printable files are published on Tinkercad and Thingiverse. The 3D models were originally created on Tinkercad, an excellent and easy to use online CAD program for creating 3D-printable models, and this is the best place to make any modifications. Although you can import the 3D-printable .stl files into desktop CAD programs you’ll lose information about the underlying individual components (nut recesses, screw holes etc) which together form the final model. If you just need to tweak it’s much easier to adjust the individual components.

The Contributer’s Guide provides all the necessary information on how to submit changes, add new content, and contribute to the project.



Contributor's Guide


List of Todos

Integrating image capture and processing with 3rd party processes (or… how to build your own Caviconsole GUI!)

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eregnans-stem Play

Eucalyptus regnans stem
Captured by Chris @ the Brodribb Lab. This is the sequence before processing. Large sequence (~9MB) - may need to wait for it to load to run smoothly.