Commercial “Cavicam” now available!

By Chris Lucani -

A commercial version of the OSOV clamp is now available. The “Cavicam” is a small, compact time-lapse camera based on the Raspberry Pi platform that can be used for imaging xylem and for optical dendrometry.

Integrating image capture and processing with 3rd party processes (or… how to build your own Caviconsole GUI!)

By Chris Lucani -

The latest version of CaviCapture – the command line python script that orchestrates image capture and light control on the raspberry pi – is significantly different from V1, and not only includes a new script for automatically processing the images ( (for more info see but also simplifies configuration and is geared for integrating into other systems/processes,…


New hand-lens clamp for stem and leaves nearly ready!

By Chris Lucani -

We’ve been very excited testing a new 3D printed clamp that allows you to fit any (most?) standard hand lens to use as the magnifier. Although the Moment lens used in the standard clamp provides an excellent image, it only provides 10x magnification which we’re finding is just not quite enough for most stems. With…


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Creating animated GIFs using ImageJ

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eregnans-stem Play

Eucalyptus regnans stem
Captured by Chris @ the Brodribb Lab. This is the sequence before processing. Large sequence (~9MB) - may need to wait for it to load to run smoothly.